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About us

Our value proposition

EmCog Solutions is a Research and Development Company, focusing to transform the current Cognitive learning educational system into Embodied Cognitive educational system to provide a platform for the learners to convert the acquired knowledge in the subject into commercial product development skill set in the field of Power electronics, Analog electronics, Embedded system, Control system and Renewable energy (Hardware/Software Solutions) to shape their future and to provide diversified employment opportunities to the learners. This Skill set is achieved through the different phases of training to build a professional product (Hardware/Software solutions) on par with industry needs & standards. Our Embodied Cognitive learning system runs through different structural phases with the Technical guidance and design solutions supported by R&D Engineers from different companies and utilizing the tools of Microchip Technology, USA.

Road Map for Success:

EmCog R&D Solutions provides platform to the learners to utilize their four years of Engineering productively & meaningfully through notion of engaged learning, applying learning across disciplines and develop commercial products through learning. This helps the students to avoid joining in irrelevant fields, spending extra money for certification courses, joining as a low paid employee, jobless, and thinking what to do after four years of Engineering. Learn employment oriented subjects in the curriculum, Learn better, apply it and create products out of the learning, be skilled in diversified field,

Our Training Methodology

New Generation Learners don’t like the conventional theoretical class for hours. We believe learning has to be enthusiastic, enjoyable, engaged and kinesthetic.

Products & Services


The main motto of EmCog Solutions is to introduce the culture of developing commercial product prototypes and software solutions from the knowledge obtained through curriculum (each and every subject which has impact to bring employment opportunities). This will enable and open more choices to students while seeking employment.

How we differ from others:

Most of the Industrial personnel’s say that the Engineering curriculum is too old and students need to learn new technologies to get employed and they used to bring some kits and ask students to plug and play, do open source coding, software simulation and so on.
EmCog Believes and promises each and every learner globally that “Our Engineering Curriculum is set so well and it is really beautiful”. You can enjoy its beauty only if you involve in it and develop products. Each and every branch students can seek hundreds of diversified opportunities if they really love, learn, apply and develop products and solutions.

Other Benefits:

At the end of each training programs, we conduct assessment test. The top three students will be provided with sponsored Internship for three months.
We also provide,
a) Joint Interdisciplinary Research and Developmental projects & Lab facility.
b) Sponsored Internships (The company will bear the required material expenses)
c) Free Faculty Development program – Product Design
d) Industrial Training and Visit
e) Support for Curriculum Design
f) Provide Consultancy services for colleges

Special Note:

We approach colleges by giving one day free Hands-on training in any of our customized product development programs and ask them to evaluate through the learners feedback. Only if the feedback is excellent, we recommend the colleges to continue with our real product development training program.

For the real product Development training, The college need not pay any fee upon dis-satisfaction in the training quality. The department can inform the chief trainer within3-4hours after the commencement of the training and can eventually cancel.

Success Stories

S.No Colleges Visited For Training No. of Students trained till March 2019
1 M.Kumarasamy College of Engineering, Karur 512
2 K.Ramakrishna College of Engineering, Trichy 116
3 VIT, Chennai 40
4 St.Joseph’s College of Engineering, Chennai 46
5 St.Joseph’s Institute of Technology, Coimbatore 60
6 SNS College of Engineering, Coimbatore 110
7 Sri Krishna College of Engineering and Technology 50
8 St.Xavier Catholic College of Engineering, K.K Dist. 55
9 Manakulam Vinayagar Institute of Technology 43
10 K.S.R College of Engineering, Thiruchengode 25
11 Mar-Ephram College of Engg. K.K Dist. 88
12 Ponjesley College of Engineering , K.K Dist. 48
13 Arunachala College of Engg, K.K Dist. 60